Andrew and Rachel Newns used Part Exchange to buy their "wow factor" house at Water Colour, Redhill.

Whilst having a spare room with a games consol was a "deal breaker" for this couple, having a new home was equally so...

"It was so much easier, both of us are absolutely terrible at DIY it meant we didn't have to do any painting or anything; the house was just ready to go."

Part Exchange made this possible meaning they were comfortably installed in their new home within just a few months.

"We'd had our house on the market before and it was always really difficult because we had to clean the flat every day and make sure that it was ready for viewings. Whereas this time, we didn't have to worry about it at all. Linden just took it off our hands."

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Did you know?

Over £133m has been committed by Linden Homes to improving local communities since 2010.

We only use composite front doors which are insulated to lessen heat loss from our homes.