5% was all it took for John Varney and Aoife Corbett to buy off plan in beautiful Gresham Mill

John and Aoife thought it would at least be a year or two before they could buy a home together, but when they heard about the New Buy scheme with only 5% deposit needed they immediately bought off plan and began the journey of personalising their new home as it was built with Linden Homes.

"I don't think we envisaged we'd only be needing 5% for a deposit. If we would have had to have saved up at least 10% then it would've been a year or two from now before we got that."

The Government NewBuy scheme has now ended but click here to find out how you can still buy with just a 5% deposit with Help to Buy.

Introduce a friend

Introduce a friend

You could be £500 better off!

Do you know someone else who is planning to move, why not tell them about Linden Homes?

Simply complete our 'Introduce a friend' voucher and give it to your friend before they visit any Linden Homes development. If they go ahead and buy, we'll give you a cheque when they complete their purchase.

It's as simple as that!

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