The essential guide to creating an inspiring office space
24 May 2022

We’ve come up with a guide to make sure your home study gets those creative juices flowing.

#1 Minimalism is key

It’s a lot easier to work in a space that is clear of clutter, so avoid the temptation to over crowd your room and keep its contents to a minimum. And if you’ve gone to the effort of finding that perfect desk, make sure you don’t end up hiding it under a pile of papers. To ensure your space looks inviting, aim to keep your desk clear with just the essentials on top.

#2 Shelves are your friend

To help make #1 possible, you could extend your workspace by adding a shelf above your desk. Use it to hold magazine racks for files, to store books or even as a place for a sculpture that makes you feel inspired.

#3 Ditch those dark drawers

To keep your room looking open and spacious, while increasing storage options, consider metal racks instead of cabinets or drawers. They give you the extra space without blocking light in the room and make it easier to find what you need when you need it.

#4 Find a statement item that you love

Create a focal point in your room by opting for a quirky desk lamp or an oversized clock. A statement piece will immediately grab your attention when you enter the room.

#5 Blackboards aren’t just for kids

Why not buy blackboard paint and create a section of a blank wall into an opportunity for chalk brainstorms? Some blackboard paint is also magnetic, meaning you can keep important notes on there too – a stylish way to keep you organised.

#6 Make friends with Mother Nature

Use plants to bring your study to life. From a pot plant on the windowsill to a succulent on your desk, greenery can make a big difference to your room. You may like to consider something with air purifying properties such as Aloe Vera or a Spider Plant.

#7 Colour pop

Colours can have a big impact on how we feel. Try a look that keeps things simple but adds a pop of colour, such as a statement feature wall or a brightly coloured chair amongst a more neutral palette.

#8 Create a Gallery Wall

What could be better than surrounding your office with prints and posters that make you feel inspired? We love mismatched frames to make up a statement gallery wall.

#9 Cosy corner

If you have the space, a cosy corner complete with a comfy chair could be a great area of the room for you to take a step back from the computer screen. We all need a well-deserved break once in a while.

The essential guide to creating an inspiring office space

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