How to throw the perfect housewarming party
01 Feb 2022

As tempting it may be to have your extended family and friends over to your new home as soon as possible, allow yourself time to settle in before organising a housewarming party. Putting a date in the diary gives yourself a deadline for getting your house unpacked and tidied up but don’t rush and stress yourself out.

Your main party spot is likely to be the kitchen or living room, or, with weather permitting, the garden, so ensure these spaces are as unpacked and organised as possible.

Organise a theme for your housewarming party

It’s up to you how formal or informal you have your party – and it can be dependent on how far along you are with transforming your house into a home.

If you’re yet to paint or put your wallpaper up, ask family and friends to come over and help. It’ll make the job a lot more fun (and easier) with some help and you can provide the food, drinks and music as a thank you. You could do the same with building flatpack furniture, gardening and unpacking belongings.

You could also throw a ‘stock the bar’ housewarming party. Ask guests to bring over their favourite bottles of spirits so you can all try your hand at cocktail making. You’ll get to try drinks you might have never tried before and all these bottles will make a great basis for your alcohol cabinet too.

For those wanting informal housewarming celebrations, keep things simple with food. Choose something hassle-free: bite sized buffet treats, BBQed meats and accompaniments and pizzas are the types of foods that can be organised and your guests can graze as and when they like.

Make an effort with your neighbours when you move in

Start off on the right foot with your next door neighbours and those close by in your development by inviting them along to your housewarming party.

How to throw the perfect housewarming party

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