A Christmas Move Doesn't Have To Drain Your Festive Funds - Says Developer
02 Nov 2016

Christmas can be an expensive time of year – with all those presents to buy and food and drink to stock up on.

But if you are also thinking about moving house during the festive season, developer Linden Homes Midlands offers money curbing incentives which means you can afford to put a brand new dream home on your Christmas wish list.

The Government-backed Help to Buy scheme is available on selected homes across the region, and can save buyers thousands of pounds, as well as giving them more home for their money.

Here’s how it works:

  • H2B is not just for first time buyers, eligible existing homeowners can also benefit.
  • You only need a minimum five per cent deposit
  • The Government will lend you up 20 per cent of the value of your property through an equity loan – interest free for the first five years, and which can be repaid at any time, or on the sale of your home.
  • Buyers need only to secure up to a 75 per cent mortgage from a bank or building society.

And as well as the money you can save by using the Help to Buy scheme, there are numerous other benefits to buying a new home – including the fact that it is kinder to the environment, and in turn, your pocket.

A new property - built to current energy saving standards and regulations could be around half the cost of running an older counterpart - say Linden Homes Midlands and the NHBC Foundation.

Some eco-advantages and savings tips associated with buying a brand new home*:

  • Most new homes have thermostat controlled heating - turning it down by just one degree can save around £30 a year.
  • Most new Linden Homes properties will use 75 per cent energy efficient light fittings as standard. In addition, LED lighting spotlights instead of ‘old fashioned’ bulbs will cut around £35 a year from your bill.
  • Linden Homes will fully draught proof your home. Figures show a fully draught proof home could save around £55 a year. Don’t forget to keep doors closed in rooms you are using to keep the heat in.
  • Boilers account for around 55 per cent of what is spent on energy bills in a year. Your new home will have a shiny new super energy efficient one.
  • Where possible, appliances fitted into Linden Homes properties are A rated or higher for energy performance.
  • All the toilets in Linden Homes properties feature a dual flush to help conserve water useage.
  • New homes will be built with the recommended insulation throughout the home – so no need to check and upgrade.

Linden Homes Midlands sales director Clare Phillips said: “We all know that this time of year can start to become expensive as people begin to plan for Christmas.

“However, add moving house into the mix and there is a worry among some people that they won’t be able to afford the home they really want. But with Help to Buy, there is a chance to curb the cost, as well as reaping the benefits associated with new build properties – including better energy efficiency.”

* energy saving trust


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