Trevor Lepley: "Help to Buy gave me a chance where I didn't have a chance before."

Trevor had been living in rented accommodation in Brentwood, Essex when he made the decision to look for a home for him and his children where he discovered Help to Buy with Linden Homes - and the impossible became possible.

"I decided I needed to buy a property as my children are fast growing up. I eventually came across this place in Linden Homes, at first I didn't think too much of my chances of getting one of these places because I thought it was going to be too expensive."

Now two years on and living in his four bedroom home in Northfields, Colchester he looks back on the moment he first surprised his children with the news he'd bought a home.

"My daughter shrieked, my youngest son jumped all over me and my eldest son started texting his mates; it was an amazing moment."

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Introduce a friend

Introduce a friend

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