New Build Homes & Properties For Sale In Hertfordshire

Handmade in Hertfordshire

At Linden Homes, we recognise why so many people love this part of the world. That’s why our range of superb new homes for sale throughout Hertfordshire are built in carefully chosen locations.

There are many benefits to living in the scenic county of Hertfordshire. This area is just a stone's throw away from the city of London, which means that many commuters choose this place. Aside from the excellent transport, you will find that there are other benefits to this area. For one thing, there is a real community vibe to the region. Over the years, there has been a boom in new houses for sale in Hertfordshire. If you're looking to buy a new home, you might want to check out the properties here.

Property market
So, what is the property market like in the area? Well, the truth of the matter is that the market in this region is always strong. Since the houses here hold a great deal of value, you will never have a problem when it comes to selling. If you invest in a home here, you will see that it works in your favour. The original 1930's houses tend to reach high asking prices. If you look at new builds in Hertfordshire, you will see that they also soar in value. It is worth investing in property when it is fresh on the market. That way, you can reap the benefits if you ever decide to sell your home. Since the area is near London, it is always easy to find buyers for these desirable homes. When you invest in a home, you need to know that it will be worthwhile. The houses in this county are always brilliant investment homes.

Before you move to the region, you need to know about the schools in the area. Many of the institutes in the area have a focus on sport. For example, the Stevenage School has started an initiative to get young people to play rugby. Aside from the sporting side of things, the schools tend to be of high standards in this region. When you look at properties for sale in Hertfordshire, make sure that they are near a local education institute. Hertfordshire County Council strive to make sure that every school exceeds national standards. There are also many educational services and environmental facilities in the area.

If you plan to live in this county and commute to the city, it is easier than you imagine. In fact, it will take you less than an hour to get to the city centre. There are lots of train links that will get you to Kings Cross or St. Pancras. If you want to get around the region, some buses travel around this area. Many of the new builds in Hertfordshire are on bus routes.

General information
When you choose to move to this glorious part of the country, it will not disappoint. Aside from a selection of facilities, Hertfordshire offers a beautiful, rural living experience. When you live here, you get the best of both worlds. That is to say that you get a countryside lifestyle near the biggest city in the UK.