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The value we place on our team is central to what we do, and we are dedicated to running a company that ensures safe working conditions and encourages talented people to develop and grow.

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The protection of the environment and climate change are among the greatest challenges we face. We recognise that we have a key part to play through minimising the impact our business has on the environment.

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Sustainable Communities

It is vital we engage with local communities to ensure our developments meet the needs of local people. Community engagement is integral to the journey, from planning right through until site completion.

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Protecting wildlife on the ground with slow worm safety plan

Protected: a slow worm like the ones we’re looking after at Maidenhead, Berkshire

Protected: a slow worm like the ones we’re looking after at Maidenhead, Berkshire

A population of slow worms will experience their very own short distance moving day to save them from harm at a site we’re preparing to develop in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

The native species is protected under law and with the help of ecologists we’re going to great lengths to make sure the creatures are safe during construction and stay locally when it’s complete.

The slow worms – which look like snakes but are actually legless lizards – will be gently caught at the Boyn Hill Avenue plot and deposited in sealed-off areas nearby which our team will set up also to safeguard several trees.

Once the collection of quality one and two-bedroom apartments and three and four-bedroom houses are finished, the barriers will come down and the creatures will be free to slither wherever they like.

Linden Homes Chiltern managing director Darren Maddox said: “We take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously, so although it can be a complicated and painstaking process we’re determined to do it correctly.  

“The country desperately needs new homes to be built but no one’s going to thank us if we don’t respect the wildlife while we’re doing it.”

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