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People & Customers

The value we place on our team is central to what we do, and we are dedicated to running a company that ensures safe working conditions and encourages talented people to develop and grow.

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The protection of the environment and climate change are among the greatest challenges we face. We recognise that we have a key part to play through minimising the impact our business has on the environment.

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Sustainable Communities

It is vital we engage with local communities to ensure our developments meet the needs of local people. Community engagement is integral to the journey, from planning right through until site completion.

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Friends of Waltham Wildlife are friends of Linden Homes

Linden Homes Southern Supports Friends Of Waltham Wildlife

Linden Homes Southern Supports Friends Of Waltham Wildlife

As part of a new planning application in Bishops Waltham, we were approached by the Friends of Waltham Wildlife to help support the local swift population.

The swifts were a popular sight in the area for many years, however, their numbers have declined to as few as 10 breeding pairs due to a lack of suitable nesting sites.

Friends of Waltham Wildlife asked us to help with the purchase of a specialist woodcrete nesting box to help encourage the swifts to breed - Linden Homes Southern instead donated £365 to cover the cost of five of the durable nesting boxes.

Linden Homes Southern’s Director – Planning and Design, and corporate responsibility champion, Michael O’Brien, said: “We are happy to be able to support the Friends of Waltham Wildlife in their endeavours to increase the local population of these iconic birds in Bishops Waltham.”

Did you know?

We only use composite front doors which are insulated to lessen heat loss from our homes.

The blocks we use to build your home are the most energy efficient available and 80% of material within the blocks is recycled material - this saves heat loss from our homes and thus reduces CO2 emissions.