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The value we place on our team is central to what we do, and we are dedicated to running a company that ensures safe working conditions and encourages talented people to develop and grow.

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The protection of the environment and climate change are among the greatest challenges we face. We recognise that we have a key part to play through minimising the impact our business has on the environment.

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It is vital we engage with local communities to ensure our developments meet the needs of local people. Community engagement is integral to the journey, from planning right through until site completion.

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Pupils From Totnes St John’s Primary School Bury A Time Capsule At Camomile Lawn

Pupils From Totnes St John’s Primary School Bury A Time Capsule At Camomile Lawn

Pupils From Totnes St John’s Primary School Bury A Time Capsule At Camomile Lawn

Pupils from Totnes St John’s Primary School have undertaken a very special project at Linden Homes’ new homes development at Camomile Lawn.

The whole school got involved in selecting objects to be buried in a time capsule, which will be dug up in the future to enable people to see how Totnes has changed. The items included: a letter from the deputy headteacher, a self-portrait and a list of all the pupils and teachers in the school, coins, the Totnes Times, examples of literacy, political flyers, photographs of the school and its buildings, plus lots of artwork, including Spartan shields from year 6’s Greek topic. The children also wanted to feature some of the recent crazes, including a fidget spinner, lego cards and information on how to ‘dab’ dance. In addition, each year group focused on a specific area and submitted work:

  • Year 1 – favourite TV shows
  • Year 2 – clothes and fashion in 2017
  • Year 3 – sweets
  • Year 4 – how much things cost
  • Year 5 – recipes
  • Year 6 – bands and artists

Also buried were some brochures for the new homes that are currently being built at Camomile Lawn, including floor plans and price lists, and a Linden Homes hi-visibility vest.

“We thought it would be interesting to create a time capsule while the new homes are being built,” Sean Fitzgerald, site manager for Linden Homes, explained.

Brian Deacon, sales and marketing director for Linden Homes, said: “We spoke to the children in assembly and they were really excited about collating items for a time capsule. They’d clearly spent a lot of time carefully choosing what should be included and it’s been a wonderful activity for us as well as the children!”

Sean added: “The time capsule is buried in an area of open space between the sales and marketing suite and allotments; it is marked with a plaque, so people can visit it. The children will be able to dig it up in 50 years’ time, when they’re in their 50s and 60s, to see how Totnes and life in general has changed.”

Deputy head of Totnes St John’s Primary School, Sarah Cate, said: "The children of Totnes St John's were inspired to collect items and write about the things they do in 2017 to bury in the time capsule, which will be opened when they will be between 57 and 61 years of age. Much discussion was generated about what the world might look like in 2067, and whilst I am unlikely to be around to see it, it was exciting to send a little of St John's 2017 into the future."

Linden Homes is creating a beautiful collection of three and four bedroom homes locally at Camomile Lawn. For more details visit the show home and marketing suite off Weston Lane, Totnes, TQ9 5UJ, open daily from 10am to 5pm. Call 01803 701570.

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