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The value we place on our team is central to what we do, and we are dedicated to running a company that ensures safe working conditions and encourages talented people to develop and grow.

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The protection of the environment and climate change are among the greatest challenges we face. We recognise that we have a key part to play through minimising the impact our business has on the environment.

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Sustainable Communities

It is vital we engage with local communities to ensure our developments meet the needs of local people. Community engagement is integral to the journey, from planning right through until site completion.

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Making our mark with school’s zebra crossing

Northfields: the fresh zebra crossing was painted at a school near our new Colchester development

Northfields: the fresh zebra crossing was painted at a school near our new Colchester development

We’ve made things a little safer for pupils in Colchester by repainting a zebra crossing in time for their return to school.

Yellow zigzag warning lines were added to the roadside as well, after the old measures had faded outside Queen Boudica Primary School, in Cowper Crescent, helping to raise concerns about safety.

Our Eastern region stepped in with the fresh, durable paint job, as well as avoiding adding traffic to the school run by specially organising delivery times to where we’re building homes at our high quality Northfields development nearby.

Colin Livesey, head of technical at Linden Homes Eastern, explained: “The interests and safety of the local community are paramount to our working in Colchester.

"We have repainted the zebra crossing and yellow zig-zag lines to ensure that safety is maintained around the school area. This work has been completed in time for the pupils returning to school after the summer break.

“The repainting in conjunction with our time restrictions for material deliveries and defined traffic routes will promise maximum safety for those walking to and from the school and also will help keep other pedestrians safe in the area, while construction continues.”

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