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Handmade in Harlow

At Linden Homes, we recognise why so many people love this part of the world. That’s why our range of superb new homes for sale throughout Harlow are built in carefully chosen locations.

Linden Homes provide new build properties for sale, including houses & apartments in Harlow.


There are 2 train stations that serve Harlow: Harlow Town and Harlow Mill. There is also a bus service to Epping tube station on the London Underground. Harlow is a short distance from Stansted Airport, the A120 and the orbital M25 motorway.

Harlow can also be reached from junction 7 of the M11 motorway running from London to Cambridge.

The local council is developing Harlow's First Avenue, which will help to reduce congestion and improve transport connections to the Newhall Housing Development. It will include a cycleway and a bus service along First Avenue and into the Newhall development site.

Part of the transport development will also be the creation of a high quality bus service between Harlow town centre and Harlow Town Railway station.

Sport and leisure

If you enjoy rugby then you will be able to visit Ram Gorse where the Harlow Rugby Football Club play their home games.

Harlow has 4 cricket clubs with one of the oldest cricket clubs in the country - Harlow Cricket Club.

The Harlow Sports Centre was replaced by the state-of-the-art Harlow's 'Leisurezone' with new dry and wet sports facilities, including tennis, gym, football, martial arts and swimming.


Over 1/3 of the town is parkland or open space and Harlow Town Park is one of the largest urban parks in Britain.

Harlow is one of the driest places in the UK, only being beaten by nearby Maldon. It is also generally much milder than other places in the UK.

We hope you find the process of looking for your new home easy and helpful, if you require any further information on our property for sale or have any questions, please contact us. Linden Homes; building quality new property for sale throughout the UK.